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Wildlife photography and nature photography in Scotland by Andrew Gransden - capturing the beauty of the natural world

Andrew Gransden’s wildlife photography and nature photography provides a fascinating view of the world, from the Scottish glens to the uncompromising Falkland Islands. From the ancient majesty and presence of the Scottish countryside, to the grace and poise of a bird of prey mid-flight, you can’t fail to be captivated by these images.

Wildlife and nature photography by Andrew Gransden captures the moments in nature that are so often missed, but which show the world at its most enthralling. There's an intensity here that lesser photographers might miss, an energy that shines through in each of Andrew's pictures. In the perfect play of light across a mountain landscape, in the curve of a rose petal, and in the quiet concentration of a foraging squirrel, it's present in every image you'll find here. Each picture is infused with an understanding of, and respect for, the natural world, and to capture them is a privilege that Andrew takes very seriously.

Wildlife photography, nature photography and landscape photography to truly open your eyes

Andrew Gransden's wildlife photography, nature photography and landscape photography is a compelling showcase for the magnificence of the natural world and its infinite possibilities. Years of careful study and an appreciation of true beauty have allowed Andrew to capture the uniqueness of each moment, providing a fresh and powerful new perspective on planet Earth. And you can enjoy a piece of stunning natural art in your own home by ordering a high-quality art print of Andrew's wildlife, nature or landscape photography - visit the Image Sales page for more details.